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Design Thinking workshops for Circular Economy

Apply real teamwork across departments in order to create truly recyclable products and smart service business models.

What we offer

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Support during implementation

Basic lecture on

Circular Economy


Our Information Material

Video (in English)

This video shows a Circular Design Thinking workshop.

Podcast (in German)

In this podcast - episode of the fashion label Melawear, Circular Thinking founder Susanne Mira Heinz explains what is behind the terms Circular Economy and Design Thinking. She summarizes the reasons why the agile innovation methodology is well suited to address complex challenges like Circular Economy. 

Was ist Circular Economy 2020 Infografik

With visualizations many things can be understood better. Our infographics illustrated by Neele Jacobi answer the following burning questions: What is Circular Economy? What opportunities and challenges do they offer medium-sized companies? Which good practice examples are already available? Creative Commons Licensing CC-BY-SA 4.0. 

Want to learn more? Under Basics we have summarized the topics Circular Economy, Design Thinking and Product-Service Systems.

Our infographic - What is ...?

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What is Circular Economy 2020 infographi
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